Entering care is not easy for most people; they feel a loss of identity and independence. It is our goal to make the transition into care as seamless and painless as possible allowing the individual to maintain as much control over their activities of daily living as feasible so they continue to feel empowered within their life.


Our aim is to promote independence, socialization and fun; it is up to the residents if they want to take advantage of what is being offered or spend quiet time in the sun. The Activities Coordinator sets a programme of daily exercises, games, crafts, outings, movies, parties and themed months to cater to wide range of interests.

Families and friends are encouraged to visit at any time and are able to make use of the Café with its stunning views and spacious area to visit and relax with loved ones.

Pets and Wild life

Lexall Care is surrounded by wild life from the Tui’s that can be seen and heard during the day to the Morpork that calls at night. Sunnyvale is also a hot spot for Ducklings from September to December and we all take great pleasure in watching each family group grow. We have a pair of sheep on site to help with property maintenance and have just welcomed a lamb ‘little Mint’ into our family much to the delight of the whole neighbourhood.

Family members are able to bring smaller dogs in to visit their loved ones and ‘Lucy’ a golden lab from the SPCA comes fortnightly to socialize with both residents and staff much to the delight of us all.

Hairdresser / podiatrist

The Facility has a visiting hairdresser and podiatrist who is available to all residents, fees for the use of these services can be paid for under the petty cash system.


Lexall Care receives monthly visits from the travelling librarian who supplies books to residents who request to use this free service.